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QUOD is a comprehensive hardware/software solution for vision professionals. It uses patented technology to provide precise, reliable and affordable ocular dominance measurements. It presents results as a numeric value that indicates relative dominance.  Ideal for monitoring gradual changes in ocular dominance over time, QUOD is a valuable tool for protocols related to vision training in areas such as sports vision or amblyopia treatment.
Quod is covered by US Patent US11839429B2 and Italian Patent IT202000022120.
QUODvr is an adaptation of QUOD designed for VR environments. It seamlessly integrates ocular dominance measurement into VR applications that rely on eye-hand coordination, like first-person shooters, enhancing the accuracy of VR experiences. Contact us to receive a demo for Oculus Quest or to inquire about licensing for your VR application.

HeadScreenSync is the optimal choice for vision professionals conducting computer-based tests, eliminating the need for a chinrest. Using a simple webcam, this system continuously tracks and offers real-time feedback on the user's head position in relation to the screen, reducing unnecessary movement and improving comfort compared to traditional chinrests. It is ideal for use in locations where chinrests are unavailable. It can also be used to improve precision of vision tests by compensating for measured head movements during the tests.
The demo below show how QUOD allows rapid and precise measurement of ocular dominance
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