Online Dominance Test

What is ocular dominance

Our vision test allows you to find out which of your eyes is more dominant. Our eyes work together to create our vision, but one eye is usually stronger than the other.  This can be experienced when you point at an object: try pointing at something with both eyes open, then close one eye at a time while keeping your hand still. Your aim will appear to be more accurate when viewed from the dominant eye, but may seem off when viewed from the non-dominant eye.

How the test works

To perform the test, you will adjust a circle-shaped image on your computer screen until it appears to encompass a circular object positioned between you and the screen. It's easy to do, and you will repeat the process three times for each one eye, three times for the other eye, and three times with both eyes open. Important: before beginning the test, you'll have to position a disk between yourself and the computer monitor. Please read the step-by-step instructions in our user manual.

Understanding the results

After you are done, we will show you the positions of the 3 circles you had placed on the screen. Having a dominant eye means that the circles positioned with both eyes open are closer to the ones positioned with the dominant eye than to those positioned with the other eye. The strength of dominance will be presented on a scale of -1 to 1.   If the score is between -1 and 0, it means your left eye is dominant, and if it's between 0 and 1, your right eye is dominant.

It's important to know that this test is designed solely for educational purposes and should not be used or applied for any other reason. Vision tests done from home and online will be less accurate than those conducted in professional settings. Before accepting the Terms and Conditions, please make sure you read them carefully.  If you don’t understand them, don’t accept them.
We are currently making the test available for early adopters. Please email us to receive information on how to access the test site.
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