About VisionBalance Tech

VisionBalance Tech designs and produces innovative solutions for quantifying ocular dominance. Ocular dominance refers to the relative preference of one eye over the other when it comes to visual sighting tasks, and our devices are designed to accurately quantify this important aspect of vision.  The technology that powers our products can be accessed through a hardware/software solution or through a Virtual Reality app. Our products are targeted at a wide range of customers, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, athletes, military and security personnel, and individuals that need to track their visual performance. Our goal is to help people unlock their full visual potential and we are always seeking new opportunities to do so. Please contact us for further inquiries regarding these issues.

The company holds patents to its technology in Italy and the United States, and has received a favorable International Search Report from the WIPO (available here). In addition, our company is constantly engaged in research and development in the field of vision. If you are interested in licensing our technology or collaborating on projects, please reach out through one of our General Communications email address.
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